Freebie Frenzy

Start a Side Hustle for $1 MAX

Get free products to resell for profit on autopilot

Here's the deal...

Isn't it weird how every side hustle just never fits your criteria?

They all come with start-up costs (yuck)...

Long learning periods...

And hard work you never asked for.

The cherry on top?

The margin for error is ALWAYS too high.

Meaning it's EASY to mess up, and HARD to figure out...

When it should be the other way around.

You need to find a way to make cash so easily that it can be done:

WITHOUT sacrificing your sleep schedule.

WITHOUT sacrificing family time.

WITHOUT sacrificing your hard-earned money.

And WITHOUT learning any new skills.

We built a software that lets you make cash in a way that fits this criteria.

It's called Freebie Frenzy, and literally does all the work for you.

It will scan all of Amazon and Shopify to find products that were accidentally listed for $0 to $0.01.

(Which happens more often than you think)

The AI will then order it for you, and get it shipped to your house for FREE.

As a result, you'll get packages you can resell for 100% profit...

...If you don't include the $1 it took to get Freebie Frenzy, that is.

    Here's what you'll get:

    • Freebies and Price Errors: We scan sites like Amazon, Shopify, Home Depot and more 24/7 to find price errors, markdowns, and glitches.
    • No skills or prior experience required: We do it all for you, so no more wasting time or money 
    • ​​1-on-1 Support: In case you have any questions or need any help along the way
    • Penny Deals: On top of all the free stuff, you'll also get products that are on clearance for 1 penny! (which you can resell for a lot more)
    • BONUS: Our AI Automatic Purchase feature orders the FREE products FOR you and delivers them right to your doorstep... On autopilot!
    • BONUS #2: FREE ACCESS to our exclusive reselling community!

    Use AI To Find The best price errors and glitches on amazon and Shopify for you to start your side hustle today...without any skills or experience required:

    • Freebies and Price Errors: The AI will looks for price errors, freebies, and markdowns on Amazon and Shopify spanning 65 M sites to scan, verify, and buy any discounted products that meet your requirements  
    • ​Automatic Purchase: Any items that fall within your requirements will be bought FOR you and delivered right to your doorstep
    • Unlimited Freebies: There's no limit on how many freebies you take advantage of. Over 5,000 freebies found daily, so you can win no matter what niche you're in
    • ​No skills or prior experience required: So you don't have to waste time or money 
    • 1-on-1 Support: In case you have any questions or need any help along the way

    $100M+ Saved

    1,000+ Happy Customers

    Thousands Of Hours Saved

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